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Onyx Elite Consulting is your go-to partner for transcending borders and achieving remarkable business and brand ascension.

With a keen eye on operational finesse, we join forces with you to architect systems that not only refine internal workflows but also enhance customer satisfaction, propelling your company towards sustainable growth. Our seasoned consultants, with a rich tapestry of industry knowledge and global market insight, stand ready to offer personalized, data-driven strategies that are in sync with your distinctive objectives. It’s about crafting a competitive vantage, fine-tuning operations, and unlocking the full spectrum of success that awaits your business. 
At Onyx Elite Consulting, our ethos is rooted in excellence, integrity, and a professional demeanor. We don’t just provide solutions; we build lasting alliances with our clients, becoming an integral part of their journey towards enduring success. Our aspiration is to offer unmatched consulting prowess that fuels sustainable growth and positions our clients at the pinnacle of success in the ever-evolving business arena.

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International Full-Service Business & Branding Consulting

Global Mastery:

As your full-service international business consulting partner, we leverage extensive global expertise to navigate the complexities of international markets. Our experienced consultants offer tailored insights and strategies, drawing from a wealth of experience across various industries and regions, to meet your unique requirements.

Market Entry and Ascension:

We provide a streamlined pathway for your entry and growth in new international markets. Our offerings include comprehensive market analysis, feasibility studies, guidance through regulatory compliance, and cultural integration. We deliver expert advice and practical solutions to facilitate a successful and seamless expansion of your business globally.

Cross-Cultural Collaboration:

In our globally interconnected world, mastering cross-cultural interactions is crucial. Our consultancy specializes in bridging cultural gaps and fostering strong connections between businesses and their international counterparts. We use our expertise in intercultural communication, negotiation skills, and relationship management to facilitate successful collaborations that drive sustainable growth and success.


We catalyze organizational synergy and accelerate result-driven trajectories. Through strategic alliances and value-centric partnerships, we not only hasten but also fine-tune the forecast of successful outcomes, propelling your business towards a realm of enhanced efficiency and elevated accomplishments.


Seamlessly integrating with our clients’ teams, we play a pivotal role in forging robust networks and cultivating innovative partnerships. Through synergistic collaboration, we facilitate our clients’ growth, ushering them into expansive networks that in turn, amplify brand performance and stature.


Employing our research-driven methodology, we navigate you towards the realization of tangible business and societal objectives. We have a track record of surpassing our clients’ fundraising aspirations by engineering effective solutions, bolstering brand visibility, and nurturing innovative partnerships through strategic programming, captivating events, and holistic development.


We propel brands to ascend their value echelon through strategic guidance and structured frameworks. Leveraging our supportive brand allies, we amplify awareness, fortify our clients’ names and reputations, and drive enhanced outcomes. Our approach is rooted in collaborative growth, ensuring your brand not only resonates but thrives in the competitive marketplace.


At Onyx Elite, we offer capital funding to businesses that meet our qualifications. Get the funding your business needs, in a few simple steps, to expand your business footprint. 

Our Spectrum of Business Consulting Expertise:

We specialize in offering funding solutions for your business.

Our expertise in business operations aims at streamlining processes to foster efficiency and elevate productivity. We delve into the operational intricacies, identifying areas for improvement to ensure a seamless workflow that aligns with your business goals.

We specialize in strategizing for sustainable growth and impactful outreach in the non-profit sector. Our approach encompasses fundraising optimization, program development, and stakeholder engagement to amplify your organization’s impact on the community.

Crafting robust financial frameworks is central to enduring success. We provide comprehensive financial wellness consulting to ensure fiscal stability, efficiency in resource allocation, and a healthy financial outlook that propels your business forward.

Our services in HR and strategic law are designed to craft people-centric strategies while ensuring legal excellence. We assist in policy formulation, compliance adherence, and human capital development to foster a conducive work environment.

Fostering inclusivity and diverse supplier networks is crucial in today’s global business landscape. We provide guidance in developing and implementing DEI+B initiatives and supplier diversity programs that contribute to a holistic and inclusive business ecosystem.

Navigating through turbulent times requires resilience and foresight. Our crisis management expertise equips your organization with the necessary strategies and response mechanisms to manage adversities and safeguard your reputation.

Sculpting compelling brand narratives and engaging public relations strategies is at the heart of our branding and PR consultancy. We work to enhance your brand image, foster public engagement, and build enduring relationships with your audience.

Optimizing asset value and fostering positive tenant relations are central to our property management and leasing services. We provide pragmatic solutions for property upkeep, leasing strategies, and tenant retention to ensure a thriving property portfolio.

We create aesthetically pleasing and functionally efficient spaces that resonate with your brand ethos. Our commercial interior design expertise encompasses space planning, design conceptualization, and functionality optimization to create conducive and appealing environments.

Orchestrating memorable and seamless events requires meticulous planning and adept coordination. We ensure every aspect of your event, from conceptualization to execution, resonates with excellence, providing your guests with an unforgettable experience.

In the bustling domains of restaurants, hotels, resorts, and casinos, operational excellence is key. Our services in Food & Beverage Excellence and Operations Streamlining are tailored to elevate customer satisfaction, operational efficiency, and profitability in these vibrant sectors.

from our ceo

At Onyx Elite LLC, we are deeply committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), seeing these values as central to our success. We strive for a workplace where every individual feels valued and empowered, recognizing that diversity drives innovation. We celebrate the varied backgrounds, experiences, and ideas of our employees, understanding that this diversity enhances our decision-making and customer service.


We prioritize creating an inclusive environment with equal opportunities for all, addressing systemic biases and barriers to ensure fairness in access to opportunities and professional development. Inclusion for us means more than representation; it’s about fostering a culture of respect, collaboration, and belonging, where every voice is heard and valued. We engage in open dialogue, value diverse perspectives, and welcome feedback as part of our commitment to ongoing learning and growth. Our efforts extend to continually evaluating our policies and practices to align them with our DEI values and to actively involve diverse perspectives in our decision-making.


Our commitment to DEI also reaches out to the communities we serve, where we support initiatives promoting social justice and equality. As Founder CEO, I personally champion a diverse, equitable, and inclusive culture at Onyx Elite LLC, recognizing these elements as vital to our collective success and the cornerstone of a thriving workplace.


Your Partner in Success,

Hon. Dr. Doru M. Angelo (CBMC)

Founder & CEO ~ Onyx Elite LLC


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